Take Back Your Life Bundle

This bundle includes the Take Back Your Life Book and 1 hour complimentary strategy session.


Dr. Lisa Herbert, a busy mom, physician and wife, took back her life and redefined work-life balance. She reclaimed her time, recharged her battery, renewed her commitment to herself and restored her relationships. 


This book explains how you can too.


Is having a balanced life important to you? Are you seeking more time with your loved ones? How about more time for self-care and meaningful work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book will show you how to discover the work-life balance that is meant for you.



In This Book You Will Learn:


"Lisa helped me develop a reasonable and effective wellness program. She helped me to engage my strengths to develop several strategies that work for my schedule and my lifestyle." E.G.

"She was nonjudgmental and available. I feel like she targeted the most important areas of my self-development and has been a blessing to the life of my practice. " D.S.

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